Cards now appearing in stores, dont say we didnt tell you so

Over the weekend, we let you know that the Nintendo eShop Cards were on the way soon, we didn’t have an exact date but that doesn’t matter now as the cards have started to arrive. This morning, your local EB Games store should have put the cards up on display.

However there’s a couple of questions we have about them. First off, they appear to be different to the old Nintendo (DSi/WiiWare) point cards in that instead of a scratch panel on the back, they’re like iTunes where you get a code printed on a receipt at the counter.

The ’cards’ also appear to be compatible for both the Nintendo 3DS, DSi and Wii with a dollar denomination and point denomination on the top of card. We’ve emailed Nintendo and contacted EB to clarify what exactly all this means.

Update: EB Games has clarified on Twitter that "Those new cards will work on all three, but you can only load the points onto one console at a time. The old eShop cards will not work w 3DS". So as we thought, old Nintendo Point cards wont go onto the 3DS, these new ones you can use on either a 3DS, DSi or Wiii. But only 1.

On a less serious note, the cards come with a cool Mario or Zelda design.