Basically Nintendo took the cheaper way out, worked on graphics instead

While online-multiplayer wasnt prevalent in 1997, here in 2011 it would have been nice to see Starfox 64 3D feature online multiplayer considering its not the bulkiest of games value-wise. However Nintendo didnt and thats that. Why? Due to cost and time restrictions.

Speaking to Officical Nintendo Magazine, Nintendos Yusuke Amano has answered the question. "Personally, I play a lot of online FPS games," he said. "This leads me to think that just making multiplayer parts of existing games playable online isnt enough to create a satisfying experience for users. The popular online games work in lots of things, so they play well online - and if we wanted to satisfy everyone who bought the game, the costs required for including online support would be vast."

"For this project what we needed to do was use Star Fox to provide users with a game that shows the appeal of Nintendo 3DS as quickly as possible. We put a lot of effort into the graphics, and if we had included online support then we couldnt have reached this level in the time allowed."

So essentially Nintendo wanted Starfox 64 3D out as soon and as cheap as possible, the time they gave the game in development wasnt enough get online included.

What are your thoughts? The 3DS has needed games and as soon as possible, but could another couple of months of time allowed for online to be included? Would it have made a difference?

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Source: ONM