Developer of popular digital download titles says the tide has turned for Nintendo online

Great developers on the Nintendos digital download services are few and far between, one of the good one has been Nicalis with them bringing Cave Story back to life on the Wii, in 3D on the 3DS. Eventually well get that and VVVVVV on the eShop in Australia, hopefully. Putting that aside for now, Nicalis president Tyrone Rodriguez has spoken to Destructoid not only professing his love for Nintendos new baby, the eShop but says that it goes further and that "The eShop, I feel, has really turned things around for Nintendo on the digital side because the storefront is heavily feature-driven."

Feature driven? What does he mean exactly? "Any publisher can still produce whatever it wants, similar to iOS in both regards. However, given the feature-oriented nature, the eShop is quasi-curated without being some lame PR line like, consciously developing a curated portfolio." Basically if youre making something good for the service Nintendo is likely to promote it heavily, rather then just get it lost in a sea of dreck like some of the titles on the App Store.

"Since the eShop is heavily feature-driven, this not only helps promote titles, it forces publishers and developers to make better games, hopefully. You want to get featured? You better have something good to show, curated or not."

Good news on the eShop / Nicalis front, VVVVVV recently passed PEGI classification, that should mean the game wont be too far away from us here in Australia.

Source: Destructiod