Sydney and Melbourne only for now, time to oil up the guns

Nintendo has just put up details on its website about two Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition tournament in Sydney and Melbourne next weekend. Because the game is on the Nintendo 3DS even if youre not a mad keen fighter there should be plenty of opportunities to StreetPass.

The events are being held in Nintendo Experience store in Melbourne and in the Nintendo Connection in Sydney. 128 competitors (first come first serve) will be able to battle it out and there will even be a second chance mechanic if you get knocked out.


Nintendo recommends you bring your own Nintendo 3DS so your preferred button layout can be used, otherwise youll have to use one of Nintendos and use the LITE control type. Be there in the first hour to register. Here are the details;


Saturday, 28 May
The Nintendo Experience, EB Games, 67 Swanston St
9am - 5pm


Sunday, 29 May
The Nintendo Connection, Myer Sydney, Level 6, 436 George St
10am - 5pm

More details are available on Nintendo’s website.