Yeah, were not quite sure what it means either

Sydneys first even Pup-up will be on today in Sydney. The event promises not only Australias finest-award winning dogs, you can also drop in for a show and get tips on dog obedience, dog grooming and pet photography. Why is this on Vooks then? Well youll be able to not only try out Nintendogs + Cats but also take 3D photos of your pup and try out AR dogs.

Alright were not quite sure if this is Nintendos idea or some sort of other event, but the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendogs + Cats will be there. Were reaching a bit on this story, so just go with it right?

If youre keen head down to Customs House Square on Thursday 25th August 2011 from 10:00AM. You should probably be there already if youre interested.Yes, we realise thats like now.