Additionally: Iwata reminds everyone that the yen is tanking, affecting results

In last week’s investor call, perpetual happiness machine Saturo Iwata spoke frankly about the company’s massive losses last quarter. “Instead of focusing on this term’s profitability” he said, “ we’re making a bold investment that will make the Nintendo 3DS an important foundation for years to come”. He focused on two points, firstly the strength of the 3DS’s software lineup over the next year, which he believes will maintain the system’s momentum.

Secondly, he mentioned that during the next year he expects hardware profitability on the 3DS to improve, so that the company will avoid a situation where they’re selling the hardware at less than cost throughout the year. Although this probably doesn’t really indicate a hardware refresh is on its way, it’s still fun to imagine.

Lastly, he explained how the company is saving five million yen on advertising without reducing their output, but that’s boring ass financial stuff.

Source: Nintendo