iPhone and Android Pokemon app not a sign of Nintendo interest in other platforms

Theres one thing that makes Nintendo what it is. That is you can only get Nintendo games on Nintendo platforms. Not even the rise of the iPhone, iPad and Android as gaming platforms will make them change their minds. So when the Pokemon Company announced a new game for the App Store, it was surprising to say the least. Has Nintendo changed their stance?

Not likely, Nintendo has responded to questions about the game saying that their stance on the matter hasnt changed. So why then is there a Pokemon licenced game on the iPhone? Well all Pokemon games are actually made by The Pokemon Company and while Nintendo owns a signifiant portion of the company, theyre free to pretty much do what they want with the licence.

Nintendo might want to think twice about the move though as Nintendo shares rose 4.9% on back of the news of the app. Its something to think about at least.

Source: Bloomberg