Mario and Zelda are receiving the full attention of Nintendo, but lets not forget poor Samus

The Metroid series now joins the Mario and Zelda franchises in hitting the quarter century mark this past weekend. The original Metroid was released on August 6th in Japan all the way back in 1986. Originally a 2D action adventure game the series has morphed into a first person adventure title, a pinball title, a shooter and even whatever the hell Metroid Other M was.

So far Nintendo (anywhere) hasnt done anything like what the Mario and Zelda series got for its 25th. No ROM compilation on a disk, no concerts or special edition controllers, so far, for our fair bounty hunter Samus Aran.

The fans havent let it go to waste though, most impressively is this 10 minute tribute to the series. All hope isnt lost though, Nintendo is busy saving the 3DS and not giving us Zelda concerts, so they still might have something up their sleeve.

We ask you though readers, what would you want us at Vooks to do to celebrate the 25th?