Can augment reality, loses to Tetris: Allies

In the bowels of a Skyward Sword (SS!) press release, Nintendo have shown their nefarious hand! The Tetris: Axis will march upon North America on October the 2nd! All ze blocks will be made to conform with glorious line master shape!

Should you choose to bow down to your Axis overlords though, you’ll be furnished with a whopping 20 modes of Tetris, from standard marathon to more interesting “tower climber”. Additionally, you can defect with 8 other players at a time and off a single cartridge, which seems unusually generous for a franchise dedicated to making you pay for the same damn game time and time again.

This was the least compressed picture Nintendo provided.

You can collect items for fever mode through Spotpass and most interestingly the game will support Augmented Reality modes, so you can pretend to be paying attention to your daughter while secretly making lines.

The Hudson Soft developed title doesn’t have an Australian date as of yet, so I’ll get Vook to harass our Nintendo reps for you. Isn’t he nice?