Saturday release means no midnight launch but instead a special daytime launch event

Nintendos bizarre release date of Saturday, December 3rd for Mario Kart 7 means that theres going to be a slight change of plans for the possible midnight launch. In that it cant happen. Instead Nintendo is hosting a Launch Day Party at the The Nintendo Experience in Melbourne on the day of release. I mean come on, who would hold a launch party on a Friday night?

Mario Kart 7 is going to have some great community and StreetPass features, so getting off to a good start with a ton of ghost data and community data at the event seems like a good idea. At any time youll see the 100 most recent players youve passed--and if theyre online, you can challenge them to a race right on the spot.


The Nintendo Experience, EB Games, 67 Swanston St

Saturday 3 December

9am - 2pm

Mario Kart 7 is available this Saturday in Australia.