Date and time confirmed too, time to get your stream on

Nintendos E3 2011 conference date and time has more or less been confirmed for a little while but now its 100% official. Nintendo has opened a teaser site for all its E3 2011 coverage and lucky us, itll all be live streamed.

Were sure Nintendo wont be the only ones live streaming it but they usually have the best quality.

Of course it wouldnt be E3 without our live blog to supplement your live stream. Our live commentary on it is both hilarious and insightful. Any of those may or may not be true, but its always a blast to stay up late! If you need a reminder, heres when youll need to book the night off.

Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane - Wednesday, 8th June, 2:00am
Perth - Wednesday, 7th June, Tuesday 12:00am
Adelaide - Wednesday, 8th June, 1:30am
New Zealand - Wednesday, 8th June, 4:00am

Let the countdown begin!