Well this is a surprise, wait.. Japan gets another video channel?

Nintendo Europe has announced that today (Wednesday) they’re rolling out the Nintendo Video app on the Nintendo eShop. The app promises new videos on a regular basis in both 2D and 3D. It will even download the new videos over SpotPass, meaning you won’t even have to go into the app to get them.

Nintendo Europe says the first content will have 3D clips of the TV show ’Oscar’s Oasis’ and a 3DS exclusive show with 3D clips showing off magic tricks. Nintendo also promises that there will be movie trailers, children’s animations and classical music concerts in the future.

No word on if we in Australia will get it, but we’re going to be confident and say we’re getting it. As for content, we’re hoping for ’Cheez TV’ and repeats of ’A Country Practice’. You know it makes sense.

Source: Andriasang