Restrictions and rules to make sure nothing stupid slips past

Nintendo’s new focus on actually making anything online and digital on the Wii U actually good also could lead to bad things. With DLC to be available on Nintendo’s next console that also means things like preorder bonuses, retailer exclusive codes and horse armour could invade our fair ecosystem.

Not that Nintendo would ever do it themselves, but third parties might do something silly. However, have no fear as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has plans to make sure third parties are kept on a short leash.

"...We have a belief that our games should be a trusted brand for a very wide variety of consumers, including children and casual users who are not so familiar with the trends of video games," Iwata told investors last week. "Therefore, we would like to have regulations with a certain degree of strictness so that consumers will get a sense of reassurance from our games."

We’re glad this is one of those thing where Nintendo decides to do their own thing with regards to something online. While they might not get everything right they have for this one.