Find out where to watch, its going to be interesting no matter what they show

Nintendos on the ropes with the Nintendo 3DS and when Nintendo are down, they fire on all cylinders. We hope. Today at 12pm Tokyo time (11am AWST / 1pm AEST) Nintendo will be streaming its Pre-TGS Nintendo 3DS Conference for 2011. No one is quite sure what the big N will be showing but its expected at least part of the showing will be dedicated to Monster Hunter 3DS and the cradle add-on. Iwata has just Tweeted via the official Nintendo twitter account that Miyamoto will be showing something.
Nintendo is also live streaming the event and because its a Japanese event itll mainly be in Japanese, so no live blog from us. We will however be doing news updates from it as soon as what Nintendo reveals comes up. Heres an embedding of the live stream below.

 So get a comfy chair, you dont have to be up at 3am for this one Australians. Any thoughts as to what Nintendo will show?

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