Last week you raced Nintendo, this week youll be racing the team from Vooks as well as other local gaming websites.

Nintendo Australia last week extended a challenge to take on their staff in Mario Kart 7, and the community did rather well we think. This week, though, not only will the Nintendo Australia team be racing again, but teams from IGN Australia, MMGM and, yes, Vooks will be racing against the community.

We’re on, and it’s not a wanted poster!

Emre, one of our awesome news writers, Hope, our newest reviewer and myself will be racing on Monday the 5th of March from 6:30pm to 7:30pm (EST), or 3:30pm to 4:40pm (WST), and we hope you can come join us! Preferably if you didn’t completely shame us that would be great. Can’t hurt to ask, right?


Community Code: 39-7327-4613-9024

Make sure you check out Nintendo Australia’s website for our racing profiles, so you know what you’re up against. Let’s show Nintendo and the boys and girls from IGN and MMGN who’s boss!

If you want to join in with all the people racing during that time, Nintendo suggests we all use the #MK7AUNZ hashtag on Twitter. And to converse with us, simply follow our accounts as below!

- Emre (@EmreAral)
- Hope (@muse_shake)
- VOOK (@VOOK64)

Details and instructions:

If you haven’t tried out Mario Kart 7 online (and really you should have because it’s awesome) and don’t know how to add yourself to a community, instructions are below. If you’re even more silly and haven’t taken your 3DS online at all, there are instructions here.

· To join the Nintendo AUS/NZ Community, all you have to do is have a copy of Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS
· When in Mario Kart 7, choose the ‘Mario Kart Channel’ option from the Main Menu to set up your online save file
· Choose ‘Online Multiplayer’ from the Main Menu
· Choose ‘Communities’
· Choose ‘Recommendations’ and select ‘Nintendo AUS/NZ’
· Or alternatively choose ‘Enter Code’ and enter the community code 39-7327-4613-9024