GameCube playable Wiis to remain, no Nintendo Selects announcements as of yet either

Nintendo Australia has responded to our queries about the new Wii revision and if it was hitting Australia anytime soon. Nintendo tells us that they currently "have no plans for the new Wii configuration" and won’t be bringing over the new bundle for Australians. Nintendo Europe appears to be going alone with the new GameCube-less Wii with Nintendo America also announcing its intention not to bring the system over.

The current Wii bundle which includes a Wii, Mario Kart Wii and a Wii Wheel for $199 will remain on sale for now. These Wii’s of course can play GameCube games.

We also asked about the Nintendo Selects range and if any of the games currently offered by Nintendo Europe or America would be heading our way for cheap and Nintendo Australia has nothing to announce at this point. So it’s not a ’no’ at least.