Nintendo Australias renewed Mario Kart Wii marketing means fun for you

Why Nintendo Australia is pushing Mario Kart Wii again three years after release is still a mystery to us, doesn’t everyone already have Mario Kart Wii? In its second wave of advertising, Nintendo has ramped up the campaign by not only recording new TV ads, but now trying out that new fangled "social media" thing.

Yes, now you can attack your friends on Facebook with a variety of Mario Kart Wii items, including the Red Shell, Blue Shell and Bob-omb. Unfortunately they don’t actually explode your friends—there are a few people I could send them to if that was the case.

Nintendo’s renewed Mario Kart interest means they’ve made a new official site over here with a ton of fun things to do including a whole nationwide competition. Not a tournament but something different; you’ll get a whole cinema booked out for you. Check it out here.