Fear not, regions outside Japan are getting the game as well

Capcoms just announced theyre bringing the previously Japan only release of Super Street Fighter 2 for the Virtual Console over here, alongside Europe and America. Whats more, it turns out theyve managed to go back and integrate online functionality into the classic fighter. Of course, Capcom doesnt announce a date for the game here, just that it will be coming out. Perhaps it will be the first game to break the Wii Virtual Console drought?

Its the Megadrive/Sega Genesis version of the game, which featured larger audio memory than the SNES version. Purists will be disappointed that its not Street Fighter II: Turbo, but New Challengers is an important landmark for the series, introducing a bunch of characters that have since become core in Street Fighter. Itll be interesting to see how the online play handles, as injecting online into emulation is notoriously difficulty with normal games, yet alone frame data counting fighters.

Youll know more when we do.

Source: Capcom-Unity