Wide ranging study doesnt reflect well on Nintendos 3D

New research shows that only 28% of people who’ve even heard of the 3DS actually realise that you don’t need glasses to see the 3D effect. The report by research house Intrepid was revealed fittingly at a summit on 3D and it’s while its findings might not be too surprising to anyone who’s ever been on a forum, it’s interesting to see a wider demographic reflected than simply us hardcore gamers.

Aside from highlighting Nintendo’s oft lamented advertising failures, Intrepid also found that only 22% of 3DS owners preferred the games with the 3D effect on, with a whopping 28% feeling that the system’s titular feature actually detracted from the games they played. Although despite this, only 13% actually bother to turn the 3D all the way off.

Perhaps that 15% of people who don’t like it but leave it on don’t know you can? Anyways, possibly the strongest evidence in the report was that only a minority of participants even wanted 3D on a handheld, at least when compared to playing one of the HD consoles on a large 3D TV.

Although these people are part of the same 62% that still think you need 3D glasses to see the 3DS’s 3D. Go figure.

Source: Gamespot