Were missing out on trailers (among others) for now, but what else in the future?

This isnt the feature you think it is. I could write about how the eShop continues to have DSiWare games missing, though thats not its fault (There are also ways around it). I could write about how the pricing of games on the store are more expensive comparatively to other regions, but Im not going to. I could even complain about the lack of eShop cards but that will be fixed shortly.

What this short feature is on is that Nintendo Europe and Australia have failed their first test with the eShop. The eShop is more than just a store front, its a living breathing entity for your connection to the world of Nintendo. Sure, its primary purpose is to get you buy things, DSiWare, 3D Classics, original software but theres the other side to it. The interaction with reviews, wishlists, Club Nintendo integration and trailers (and eventually demos) of upcoming games to watch. However, European and Australian Nintendo 3DS owners havent had access to any of 8 3D trailers that went up last week for all the upcoming games shown off at E3.

Now sure, we in PAL regions are used to getting stiffed but this seems like a trivial thing really and youre probably wondering why were making a big deal about it? Well, its not a good sign of things to come. Nintendo had their chance with the eShop to show us that things wouldnt be the same as the DSiWare store. Theres nothing we can do for that now, but the addition of 3D trailers for their own games seems to be nothing more than pure laziness. The rest of the eShop, the presentation, the way things are laid out all pretty good - theres room for improvements but thats not what this is article is about.

Theres no real point in going on and on about it though, well never know why they havent added them, if they will ever add them (well ask though). But if Nintendo cant add simple trailers to their store, in an effort to better promote even their own works and good third party games, then you have to wonder.

The main problem people have been having with the 3DS is the lack of games, if youre not showing your customers whats coming through the eShop on the very console theyre meant to be using. Then whats the point?