Lack of games and no eShop at launch, not even Nintendo were happy about it

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has come forward in a new interview and admitted that the reason the 3DS has struggled was due to the lack of good games on the system and the delayed launch of the eShop. We could have told him that though.

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"The launch of 3DS was very interesting: it caused a great impression at E3 in 2010, had excellent pre-orders and sold more in the first week of release than any other handheld. So, we had many successes with the 3DS" he has told UOL Jogos. Continuing, he says that "in terms of lessons learned, we need to ensure we have a strong line-up of games when we release hardware - especially titles from Nintendo. Looking back, maybe we did not have the best line-up of games on 3DS. It is also important that the digital resources are available right away. With 3DS, these came after.

"And thats why sales were not so good, which forced us to make some drastic decisions and reduce the price. Since we did it...our sales have been very good. And we have high expectations for the 3DS this Christmas."

Nintendo now acknowledges that games were a seriously issue and will be making steps to make sure it doesnt happen again with the Wii U. The 3DS is looking up now that games are coming out for it; Super Mario 3D Land has exploded in Japan and signals the start of a great end of the year for a system that looked like it was in serious trouble just 6 months ago.