N-Space developed, being covered in vomit by kids not included

The latest Nintendo Power has been released and in it, the reveal of a new RollerCoaster Tycoon game thats heading to the the Nintendo 3DS in March next year. The game is to be developed by n-Space and published by Atari. Its an entirely all new game built especially for the Nintendo 3DS. Youll be able to, of course, build all sorts of crazy roller coaster styles such as suspended, hydraulic, wooden, steel and more.

Its not all roller coasters though as youll have to build monorails, kiddie rides, ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds. Hiring staff and keeping the the part in order of course in there. Apart from the main game there are other modes such as Coaster Creator and a Sandbox.

There are scans of the magazine out, but well have proper screenshots of the game soon.

Source: GoNintendo