Nintendo to add a second analogue to the 3DS? Rumours are suggesting so

The website that got it right about the Wii U controller, 01net, has unleashed upon the world yet another rumour. This time it’s a revamp of the Nintendo 3DS which will allegedly have a second circle pad and have the 3D aspect of the console downplayed. This new console is apparently set to be released in 2012.

So what about the 5 million or so Nintendo 3DS’s out there already without a second analogue? Well Nintendo are allegedly developing an attachment which will see a second circle pad attached to the system; this add-on is rumoured to be priced at $10.

01net definitely have good form when it comes to rumours, but take this, like all rumours, with a grain of salt. A move such as this could easily anger an already upset user base, especially so soon after launch. It would also fracture a user base in two, the haves and the have-nots.

We also know Nintendo’s track record with accessories isn’t that hot either.

Via: NintendoLife