Rumours mounting that the Wiis successor to be playable

Tickets to the first EB Game Expo have now gone on sale, apparently they’re selling fast - but we’ve heard that one before. Yesterday, EB Games also released the line up of publishers that will be at the event, including Nintendo. However, that’s not the most interesting news surrouding the expo.

Now we’re clearly labeling this one as a rumour, because no one will confirm anything (obviously) - but we are hearing that the the Wii’s successor, Project Cafe (or whatever it ends up being called next week), will be in attendence at the show with Nintendo allegedly booking floor space for something big.

With the show still months and months away it is all a big, old, fat and strong rumour at this point, but with the event taking place a month after TGS, anything is possible.

Now do you want to go to the EB Expo?