The Sega Dreamcast classic may be given another shot thanks to Nintendo

The Dreamcast cult hit, Seaman, may be heading to the Nintendo 3DS, however it may not be Sega bringing the game, but Nintendo is. The online edition of the Japanese paper Nikkei says that this is a greater plan by Nintendo to revive popular third party titles for the Nintendo 3DS. Seaman is the only example that the site suggests but Nintendo wants to bring strong new titles to the system. Yoot Saito, the creator of Seaman is already working on a game in Level-5s Guild 01 title and has previously hinted that the game may come to the 3D system. In 2009, there was even rumours that the game may come to the Nintendo DS.

Seaman was released by Sega back in 1999 for the Dreamcast and made use of a microphone for talking to Seaman, something in those days that was very novel. Nowadays we can talk to our mobile phones, imagine what a Seaman game could cover these days.

Source: Andriasang