Sega not confident in the system so it delayed its game

Been hanging out for Segas puzzler Crush 3D? Well, youll be waiting a little while longer as the game has been delayed until next year. The head of the studio behind the game has revealed in a new interview that they have intentionally delayed the game, so the Nintendo 3DS can gain some more traction in the marketplace.

Paul Mottrams exact words are, "now were finding that everyone is not knowing what platform is going to succeed - we did our first 3DS title - we got Crush onto that, but we had to delay the release of that because of the success of the platform."

Has the Nintendo 3DS sold so poorly that theyre not wanting to release games on it yet? Maybe there would be more 3DS systems sold if there were games to play. Its a double edged sword isnt it?

At least it hasnt been cancelled.

Soure: GoNintendo