New Famitsu magazine reveals original rhythm action title from Sega

Sega is looking to beat Square to the punch by announcing a new original rhythm game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game is said to be a rhythm game with action adventure elememnts and will be called Rhythm Phantom Thief R: Inheritance of the Emperor Napoleon.

The game has you take control of Phantom Thief R who is theiving his way through Paris with his dog named Fondue, we bet he is just as delicious as his namesake. Phantom Thief R is hell bent on stealing national treasures from real life locations like The Louvre and Notre-Dame.

Stealing these things is easy, its escaping thats the hard part and this is where the rhythm parts coming in, youll need to time your button pressing to get out. Some tilt controls are set to be included as well.

No release date for this one yet folks.

Source: Andraisang