After seeing the controls in Wii Sports Resort, Eiji Aonuma ditched button combat controls for motion

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Swords development has been a long and painful one, its been a long time in the making and now more details about its crazy development process have been chronicled in the latest Iwata Asks feature from Nintendo. While its still in Japanese, Siliconera have been nice enough to translate parts of it and have revealed some juicy details about the games controls. Specifically, all that fancy Wii Motion Plus combat.

At first, Skyward Sword had none of the near 1:1 combat controls that the game has today. In fact it was strictly a buttons only affair, that was until Eiji Aonuma was shown Wii Sports Resort and the great controls that game has. One problem though, the lead designer on the game had just finished developing a nice button based combat system. Another one of the "upturning the tea table" moments where Nintendo just does a 180 on something mid development. No doubt why were not playing the game already.

Expect more details from the Iwata Asks to be revealed over the next few days and when it gets fully translated.

Source: Siliconera