Want a free copy of a 3D enhanced version of Kid Icarus? Feel like winning an adorable limited edition 3DS?

Well sorry, you can’t. Unless you’re one of our elusive Japanese Vooks readers, in which case, get on it! Nintendo are running a “Chotto Mario na Nintendo 3DS Campaign,” which you enter by purchasing two Japanese 3DS games before the end of year of the year and registering them on the Japanese Club Nintendo. The campaign was announced at Nintendo’s first ever Nintendo Direct Webcast.

This will automatically set you up with a free copy of the 3D Classics edition of Kid Icarus (that’s the NES one), which will come out for everyone else later on as a payed download. Although I suspect that Nintendo might offer the rest of the world some way to get in on this action and use the game to hype the upcoming Kid Icarus for the 3DS. Much like they perhaps did with the 4 Swords release coming out just a month before Skyward Sword. Not that I’m complaining about awesome free games, especially ones that have had some work done on them.

Additionally, entry into the competition will get you into the draw for one of these three limited edition Mario themed 3DSes. I really like the one with a single polkadot, looks a bit like a cyclops. Only a thousand of each will be printed, so expect these to featch a pretty hefty aftermarket price if one happens to strike your fancy. Vooks assures me these are real 3DS(es) too, not just face plates clipped on.

While it seems unlikely that the comepition will ever come over in its current form, it might not be too unrealistic to hope for another competition with Kid Icarus as the prize. Or maybe we’ll have to make do with Mario Kart Heptathlon. Speaking of which, stay tuned on Vooks for hot new info on the game’s mutliplayer mode. It’s pretty sweet stuff.