RPG giant to take a sidestep from the usual business with Theatrhythm

Square Enix has just last week announced a Final Fantasy rhythm game, but now details have come to light regarding what its all about. The game will be called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and will release for the 3DS at this stage.

According to the games backstory, the space between the gods Chaos and Cosmos is known as "rhythm", giving birth to the idea of crystals which control music and fill the world with sound. However, forces of chaos have disturbed the fragile peace and the crystal has begun to grow dull. So our warriors set forth to increase the music wave "Rizpo". If that all sounds like complete nonsense, its because it probably is.

Regardless, the game will feature three stages from every previous game released, Final Fantasy through Final Fantasy XIII. The three stages are "field", "battle" and "event", which each offering different gameplay modes. Furthermore, all characters will be rendered in a "chibi" aesthetic, with giant heads and tiny bodies. Most popular characters from the series are expected to make an appearance. Characters can level up after stages and collectables like music and movie scenes will be implemented.

Music from past games will be included too; those confirmed are as follows - Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V), One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII), At Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X) and The Sunleth Waterscape (Final Fantasy XIII).

We here at Vooks are looking forward to "Elite Beat Fantasy" - we hope you are too.

Source: 4Gamer