New questions and answers with the minds behind Starfox 64 3D

Nintendo has just posted a newly translated Iwata Asks feature. This time its about the upcoming Starfox 64 3D due out in Australia on Septmber 15th. As usual, the feature covers tons about the current 3DS game as well as the development process on Starfox 64, Starfox and the newer released Starfox 2.

Two of the most interesting things to come out of the meeting are the first look at the character artwork for the characters and how the ideas behind them came to be. "Most of the sci-fi in Japan back then was robot anime, superheroes and monsters. But I wasnt interested in doing the same thing, " said Miyamoto. "I had been drawing animal characters for a long time, so I suggested animal characters to Imamura-san. He was surprised."

So how did they come up with Fox, the titular character of the game? Its a strange one but an interesting tale. "Star Fox has a lot of scenes in which the fighter goes through arches, which reminds one of the gates at Shinto shrines called torii. And torii made me think of the thousands of such gates at Fushimi Inari Taisha. In a prototype, there were lots of scenes like going through there. And when you think of Fushimi Inari, you think of foxes.

"Fushimi Inari Taisha is about a 15-minute walk from our former head office, and there used to be a boys baseball team in the area called the Inari Foxes. I thought, "Foxes! Now thats cool!" In fact all the other characters all have a interesting story behind them.

The other big point of the interview is the fact that Nintendo are gauging how well this game does before committing to any other Starfox games, Mr Miyamoto said in the feature that "If first-time players like this game, Star Fox will be reborn!" Thats how much Im counting on this one game!

"So if theres anyone out there who wants to look at the future, please play this! (laughs)"

With the way the Nintendo 3DS has been selling, we hope Nintendo dont pin ALL the hopes of the franchise on this. We do want more Starfox, Nintendo!

Source: Nintendo