Internet jumps the gun because were fools. Apologies from Vooks.

Im sorry, ladies and gentlemen, for the story I wrote regarding the supposedly revealed 2GB size limit for eShop games on the 3DS. Team Meats less weird half, Tommy Refenes (he didnt make The Binding of Isaac) has revealed on Twitter that he was misquoted. When he said the 2GB size limit was reasonable, he in fact meant that a 2GB size limit would be reasonable, as opposed to WiiWares 40mb limit which prevented Super Meat Boy from coming to the platform.

He "does not know what [the size limit] is".

Again Im sorry for the lack of fact checking with said story. If we find a more reliable source for the size limit, youll be the first to know. Or maybe this is the true limit and Team Meat wasnt supposed to let the cat out of the bag...

Source: Twitter