Win a match in Tekken Wii U? Draw something on your opponents face. Oh dear.

Amongst the big list of hardcore third party titles shown off during Nintendos E3 conference was Tekken, a franchise never before seen on the Nintendo console (There was a Gameboy Advance version however). This bombshell was accompanied by some quick footage of the game and a quick look at one of the big features of the game were sure of.

When you a fight someone, and well lose, your opponent can take a pen to your fighters face and draw on it. Sure thats funny in itself but the big part of that is that it will stay up there for a year. While a video of the game shows a moustache being drawn on, we cant help think some other parts of the human anatomy might end up there. The other big feature that was touted was an online enabled stage editor. Youll be able to make a ton of different fighting arenas and be able to share them with the world.

All with a giant penis on your head.

More serious features about the game havent been revealed yet, but were happy to see a popular franchise hit a Nintendo console for the first time.