Pack in game seems to be 4 player Canvas Curse. Were not kidding

Ubisoft are bringing a 6.5” touch screen iPad alike for the Wii, as a rival to THQ’s presumably successful uDraw franchise, which offers a similar tablet. Buying the “Drawsome Tablet” will net you the tablet itself and two games, Drawsome Quest and Drawsome Artist. Artists promises to teach your children how to draw and then make them learn “advance art techniques,” all taking advantage of Ubisoft’s licensing of The Smurfs. Apparently you’ll be able to interact with them, although I dunno how aside from drawing them.

More compelling is Drawsome Sketch Quest, which is a 4 player co-op platformer. Only one player can use the Tablet at once, with the other three playing with Wiimotes. The gameplay looks strikingly like Kirby’s Canvas Curse, except you’re drawing platforms and trampolines for the three other players.

It sounds like absolute chaos in the best possible way, although who can say if it lives up to its promise. The Tablet itself measures 6.5” by 5”, forming a screen somewhere in between your phone and your traditional tablet. It has an indent on the side for you to attach your Wiimote, giving it tilt capabilities. The touch screen uses a “wireless” stylus instead of your grubby mits and has an innovative transparency layer which allows you to trace images of the smurfs onto the tablet.

It’s a shame childrens games are usually so poor, as the ideas behind Sketch Quest sound kinda awesome. The controller is coming out on December 6 in the States and as soon as we can find out what ridiculous amount of money Ubisoft want for this thing, we’ll let you know.

Source: NintendoLife