Get your 10 free games right now from the eShop

UPDATE 2: Every region should have their free NES Games now, Aussies and New Zealanders check the eShop! (Full Instructions below!)

Deliverance is here! The 10 free NES games Nintendo promised for Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors are now available to download on both the US and Japanese eShops. It shouldn’t be too long before Australians and Europeans get their free stuff too.

To find the downloads you’ll need to boot up the eShop, go all the way to the left to account settings and check under the third options ’Titles You’ve Downloaded’ or ’Your Downloads’ depending on your region. All of the 10 games are under there as well as a program called the ’Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Certificate,’ a small program which will SpotPass you with updates about the program.

Take it, take it, take it!!

The NES games look great on the 3DS screen and there doesn’t seem to be much if any scaling going on, they’re looking great! You can save one save state on exit like the Wii versions. You can also switch between Player 1 and Player 2 controls by holding down L and R and pressing Y.

We’ll let you know on our Twitter and Facebook as soon as the games are up in Aus and update this story as well.