Classification rating revoked in Australia, official statement from Nintendo within

UPDATE: Nintendo Australia has responded to our query regarding Dead or Alive Dimensions being removed from store shelves:


When Nintendo Australia agreed to distribute the Dead or Alive: Dimensions game in Australia, it had already been submitted for classification by another video game company. It was classified PG (Parental Guidance) by the Classification Operations Branch. Nintendo Australia did not submit the classification.

The original application did not provide adequate information regarding the contents of the game.

Nintendo Australia is currently working with the Classification Operations Branch on this.


It’s most likely the game will be re-classified and put back on sale as soon as possible. We believe it is the media attention of the games photo mode that has brought this issue to the Classification Boards attention.

Original Story

Weve received word that stores in Australia have been asked to remove Dead or Alive Dimensions from sale, and that stores can no longer receive trade-ins of the game either. The "PG" rating for the game has been revoked by the Australian Classification Board; we figure it has something to do with the the so-called "child porn" controversy.

Three female fighters in the game do not have an age, and instead are listed as "N/A". This has caused some people to think that they are under-age, and that the photo mode in the game is designed in such a way as to allow players to look up-skirt.

Weve sought comment from Nintendo regarding the classification revocation. The change to the games classification is clear, and live on the classification website. We hear Nintendo are looking into giving the game a MA15+ rating instead.

If youve got an original copy with the PG label, you’ve got yourself a collectors item!

Thoughts, anyone?

Thanks to Nintendo Australia for getting back to us on this so quickly.