Want to transfer DSiWare to the 3DS? Not so quick...

Update: The Transfer tool has reappeared on the DSi Shopping Store, just reselect it and download it again. It now appears on the main menu and you can do a transfer. Our Australian 3DS is now receiving DSiWare from an Australian DSi. Get to it!

Original Story:
The release of the Nintendo 3DS eShop and browser update today was also meant to allow you to transfer DSiWare from your DSi to your 3DS, but there might be a little problem.

After downloading the DSi transfer tool from the DSi Shop (which is needed to move DSiWare to your 3DS) the icon does not appear anywhere in the list of installed DSi games. It does not show up in the system/data management screen either. And worst of all, jumping back into the DSi Shop will just tell you that you have already downloaded the title and won’t give you an option to redownload it.

This problem has been confirmed by a quick call to Nintendo Australia’s support. They say they are investigating the issue. It is not known yet whether it is an issue that affects all Nintendo DSis or just some, but it affects at least two Vook staff member’s and one Nintendo staff’s DSis. Hopefully they find a solution soon because DSiWare transfers are not possible until the tool is accessible.

If you do have the tool, then have a look at the transfer process here.