Something big and 3DS-related is coming next month says reports

Update: Nintendo has confirmed that it is holding a Pre-TGS trade on September 13th. The event will focus solely on the Nintendo 3DS and be only open to Investors, Analysts and press.

A big announcement is still expected.

Original Story: Numerous Japanese sources are reporting today that Nintendo is to hold a big 3DS related announcement on September 13th; however, Nintendo themselves have not confirmed any event. Both Inside Games and Bloomberg have noted that a big surge in people purchasing Nintendo shares is somehow related to this big Nintendo announcement.

This date is just before the Toyko Game Show which begins two days later, Nintendo is no stranger to showing off something big before the show kicks off with Nintendo previously announcing (separate from the show) the Wii Remote and, more recently, showing off more of the Nintendo 3DS last year.

The reports suggest Nintendo is planning to announce a ’really big’ title. With Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land already due later this year, what else could be in the pipeline? Could some of those second circle pad add-on rumours be coming into play?

Speculation begins now!

Source: Andriasang