No luck for the Namco Bandai RPG down under

While initially announced for an Australian and New Zealand release back in April, Solatorobo for the Nintendo DS won’t be making the trek down to Australia. It’s recent release in Europe has had a few people asking just what was happening with the game in Australia.

We asked for a comment from Namco Bandai here in Australia and they have informed us that unfortunately due to the small size of our market and the overall condition of the Nintendo DS market here in Australia, we won’t be getting the game. Third party Nintendo DS games are just not getting any shelf space anymore.

If you were still keen on picking up the game, then you’re in luck. The game has just been released in Europe and you should be able to track down a copy from there.

As the Nintendo DS and even the Wii wind down, expect this to happen more and more. That’s of course if there’s actually any Wii and DS games coming anymore.

Update: A Twitter follower of mine has pointed out that Nintendo Australia’s website currently has the game on it, on the homepage even. We’re emailing Nintendo to see what’s up with that.

Thanks to WarpZoneTrigger for pointing this out.