Its been a while, so were doubling the fun this weekend

Wi-Fi Nights are back in a big way. To celebrate the upcoming release of the next big Wi-Fi game, Mario Kart 7, we at Vooks will be having our first Wi-Fi Night in quite a while. But it’s been such a long time that we’re not stopping at just one Wi-Fi night. No, we’re going to have a whole weekend of Mario Kart goodness.

We’ll be sending off Mario Kart Wii as our Wi-Fi karting game of choice on Thursday night as we prepare for Mario Kart 7, which will be released here in Australia on Saturday. Saturday night will be the chance to get some Mario Kart 7 Wi-Fi karting going for the first time, so come along and race with fellow Vookians.



Thursday 1st December—8:30PM AEDST (5:30PM AWST, 7:00PM ACST and 7:30 AEST)
Saturday 3rd December—9:00PM AEDST (6:00PM AWST, 7:30PM ACST and 8:00 AEST)


The Vooks.Net Chatroom (requires Java)
IRC details—Server:; Room: #vookswifi