Popular indie platformer set to make its 3DS debut...

Following in the footsteps of other popular indie titles (e.g. Cave Story) VVVVVV, a popular, gravity-based platformer is making its Nintendo 3DS. US consumers will be pleased to know the game is being released this Thursday (29th December) on the US eShop. Developer Distractionware has commented on a European release, stating that the releases were intended to be simultaneous. Unfortunately, due to a problem with receiving a rating from PEGI (the UK classification board) the game won’t be hitting the European (and therefore mostly likely Australian) eShop until next year.

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Once again Nicalis is behind this port (again, of Cave Story fame), and it’s definitely one to consider picking up if you haven’t already played it. Hopefully we’ll get a release date that’s not too far into 2012. VVVVVV will be available on the US eShop for a price of $7.99 USD.

Source: Distractionware Devlog