Get Wii Points; Don’t Be Scammed

With the Nintendo Wii becoming as popular as it is since its release a couple years ago it is no wonder than so many people are interested in Wii Points. I’ve written previously about how to get Wii Points and have covered quite a few topics about it. However, along with all this attention comes with it a great deal of scams and even illegal ways that offer unbelievable results for little to no money. This article is about how to determine which offers are real and which should be ignored (and in some cases reported).

When searching how to get wii points you’ll undoubtedly come across several ways in order to obtain them. There’s the standard method of simply going to the electronics department a retail outlet and purchasing the Wii Points card for roughly twenty dollars. It works out to be one Wii Points per dollar. This isn’t all that bad really. However, you’ll also find other ways to get Wii Points. Some of these including signing up for certain offers in exchange for money or, in this case, Wii Points. This method can be useful and it does work. The only thing you need to watch for is spyware from the sites that tend to promote this way. Also, when signing up for various promotions that often are either free for a certain period of time or cost only a few dollars for the first month, it’s important to remember to cancel your account/subscription in order to avoid any unnecessary costs charged to your account. If that were to happen getting the Wii Points using this method would just become counterproductive.

Another legal and potentially cheaper way to get Wii Points would be to take advantage of the sites out there that offer unlimited Wii Points for subscribing to their system. If you plan on spending Wii Points often and downloading a lot of games through the Wii Virtual Console then this would be pretty good. Esse
ntially, you pay these sites a sum of money per month which adds up to be cheaper in the long run if you download a lot of games and whatnot. These systems often give you the ability to use your Wii for other things such as downloading movies to your Wii along with music.

When taking advantage of the above method it’s important to make sure you read the fine print and make an effort to ensure that the site you are dealing with is legitimate. Good ways to make sure the site is on the level would be a privacy statement and terms of use or the like. Read them carefully and make sure that they will keep your information private and that the system they are offering is completely legal. Getting Wii Points is one thing but getting them via stealing or dishonesty is not only immoral but, obviously, illegal and should not be tolerated.

Some sites that offer unlimited downloads for the Nintendo Wii may appear like the real deal at first glance but offer something that if Nintendo were aware of it would be shut down before you can say “Super Mario Bros.”. They utilized traditional methods like spreading viruses, or collecting personal information such as credit card info and keeping it for themselves.

Finally, when searching for Wii Points or sometimes for Nintendo Wii’s make sure not to fall for the deals that offer unlimited Wii Points for free. Except by the methods listed above or if they make sure to show you it’s legitimate. There are some people out there who hack the console in order to trick it into thinking it is filled with unlimited Wii Points. So be careful not to be duped by get your Wii Points the legal way and enjoy all they have to offer.

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