In today’s market there are some seriously cool consoles available when you compare them to say twenty years ago, so many exciting and unique features on the leading console that as a consumer you have to be wondering which one is the right one to buy?

As someone looking to buy a console twenty years ago you would simply buy a Nintendo Entertainment Console and have quite a good mixture of games available to you but today there are the big three contenders for your pounds and with some of them being considerably more. You really need to think about whether the extra pounds will really buy you extra enjoyment.

Starting with the best selling console within the last year it has to be the Nintendo Wii because the interactive feature is unrivalled in the current market. This console also has the ability to appeal to those people who do not traditionally play on consoles because the remote for a Wii can be used without the usually frenzied button pressing that some people can never really master. The other big attractions to a Wii is all of the accessories including the Wii Board and Wheel that overall are slightly less expensive than their rivals as well as the standard console package being cheaper too.

However the Wii does not compare with the other two in terms of processing power and graphics and the more serious gamer would struggle to be impressed with the Wii as their main console. The Wii is a more fun and novel console and perhaps is best for the younger player however for family fun and entertainment the Wii is unrivalled. The games available on Wii are also targeted more at this audience than at the more serious gamers.

For those consumers seeking to be engaged with deeper game play and generally a higher quality of software and who prefer the more traditional set up in terms of the controllers and game play then you will need to be looking at the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. The real differences between these two excellent consoles is software and features, the hardware is basically at a similar level although the Playstation 3 is thought to have slightly more in terms of power although they haven’t ever released exclusive games that reflect this distinction, (although there have been a few exceptions). All the major games that have been blockbuster must haves have been available on both systems and the exclusives that the Xbox 360 do have seem to be more popular and critically acclaimed than any on the Playstation 3.

All three consoles allow you to play with friends via the internet but the Wii does not fully take advantage of this feature. Xbox 360 has a charge for the use of the internet but has got much better features in terms of chat and downloadable movies. Whereas Playstation 3 doesn’t charge but is not that impressive for on line services but can play Blu ray DVD’s, however the Xbox 360 is slightly cheaper.

Most consumers will need to just think about what they want from their games console before committing to one above the other but always look out for offers and discounts and make sure you don’t compromise on what you really need your console for, which is entertainment and relaxation.

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Nintendo Wii games have dramatically changed the gaming scene. These games with their superior audio and graphics quality have captured the imagination of avid gaming enthusiast around the world. Irrespective of whether one is young or old, almost everyone seems to be bit by the Wii bug these days.

While it is true that these games are extremely popular, what is also true is that you need to ensure that the game disks are properly protected. As disks are made of delicate material, even a minor damage as simple as a scratch can sometimes render them totally useless. It is therefore essential that you make backup copies to protect your investment. If you thought that it is not possible to copy Wii games, then think again. Today, there is game copy software available, specifically for this very purpose.

While game backup software to copy Wii games is widely available, make sure that you download it from a dependable source online. There are several sites which will entice you with free offers, which you should be varying about. This is because you can easily end up with downloading harmful viruses from such dubious sites. You must also make sure that the software is easy to install and implement.

Before you go about the process to copy Wii games make sure that you have all the essential devices ready with you. For example, you will need quality blank DVDs, a latest version DVD burning software and of course, a fairly latest computer. Once you have this entire ready, the entire copying process will hardly take a few minutes.

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