The Nintendo Wii Fit Plus system was Nintendo recently given the Change4 Life award by the UK’s National Health Service, thereby becoming the first computer game to be recognized as a true Health and Fitness Product.

This is all achieved by using the Nintendo Wii with a Balance Board and the Wii Fit Plus Games package. The system is designed to allow you to monitor your weight, and that of several friends or family and you can all compete to see who achieves the best results by exercising along to the Wii.

Not surprisingly the game and software have become a big hit in the UK market and it is certainly going to be one of the best sellers for Christmas and will be on many peoples wish list. There are five modes Yoga, Strength, Aerobics, Balance, Training Plus and you choose your level and away you go. It is a lot cheaper than a gym club membership and way more fun as the whole family (or street ) can join in the fun.

The system uses a Body Mass index and lets you know how many calories you have burned as well as the food equivalent of those calories so you can really see the benefits and use it in a weight loss regime.

My wife is a physiotherapist and her department are all enthusiastic about its potential use in helping their patients get back into exercising properly, as the Wii makes it really easy to monitor your results. Therefore patients (they think) will be way more likely to stick with an exercise plan that involves the use of the Wii than they would be to stick with plain old fashioned floor exercises.

Of course the Wii works in conjunction with a television and you watch the demonstration exercises on the screen as you perform them on the balance board. there are actually some really good videos on You Tube if you want to see a live demonstration of how it all works.

The package also includes some aerobic exercises that you need to do to play games it will have you flapping your arms around to make birds fly and guide parachutes on to targets all the time while watching your progress on the screen. It is all highly addictive lots of fun, and at the same time good for you. So why not try the Wii this Christmas and actually have fun losing weight and staying fit?

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The Author Stephen Parkin is a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University and the co owner, with his wife Shauna La Pierre, of Pine Grove Stable in Nova Scotia Canada. As well as the stable which is run along Classical Dressage Training lines he is interested in Internet Marketing, Photography, Classical Guitar and his two dogs (a border collie and a Labrador retriever).

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