Long time coming game may get Wii U support, of some kind

Dragon Quest fans have been waiting anxiously for the tenth iteration of the game for some time. Its going to hit the Wii and the Wii only but it may have some support for another console, the Wii U.

Square Enix have held a shareholders meeting today in which the companys CEO Yoichi Wada was asked about Dragon Quest X and if it was still worth releasing on the Wii. Wada responded by saying that the game will still come to the Wii but may also have some Wii U compatible features - theyre currently investigating what those features could be. This doesnt mean theyre looking at bringing the game to the Wii U directly.

With the Wii U launching sometime in 2012, the same release period planned for Dragon Quest X would make sense. Were not sure what, if any, Wii U features could be programmed into Wii games at this stage. Nintendo has yet to comment on such a possibility.

Source: Andriasang