Nintendo will come out swinging at E3, a year after the systems first reveal

Nintendos financial briefing didnt just discuss losing money and the 3DS; even the Wii U, which hasnt been seen since E3 last June, got a mention and its a positive one.

Nintendo plans to show the system in its final form at E3 next year. Whether or not this means there are many (or any) changes to be shown with the console remains to be seen, but we should expect a much stronger showing of the system along some actual games to go with it.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has also said that they have learned from the "bitter launch" of the Nintendo 3DS and will take every possible step to make sure the Wii U has a successful launch.

Lets just hope they show it off a bit better than previously. Everyone, even Nintendo, admits it was a wonky reveal!

Source: Nintendo