Nintendo has no plans to fix the game breaking shortcut

There’s a glitch on the Wuhu Mountain Loop track in Mario Kart 7 and it’s a pretty big one. We won’t go into detail, if you want to use it, you can find out how it works for yourself but it essentially allows a racer to bypass a huge portion of the course. It’s not hard to do but it still means that if it’s done correctly, no one who chooses not to use the glitch can win that race.

So Nintendo’s going to patch this then? They’re allegedly able to do that now right? Well according to Nintendo of America they’re not. Website Stick Twiddlers emailed Nintendo America and here’s what they had to say;
Thanks for your patience in waiting for a response during this busy time of year. We are aware that it is possible to navigate a certain part of the track in Wuhu Island in a way that allows a large part of the course to be bypassed. There are no plans to update the game to remove this shortcut as doing so would create an unfair advantage for the users of the original release of the game. Rest assured your comments have been added to our records for Mario Kart 7.

What this means is that Nintendo has no plans to release a second, fixed version of the game - which is usually what they do. This actually would, as Nintendo says give an unfair advantage to people who have the fixed version. However Nintendo, you can release a patch so that the next time anyone with Mario Kart 7 goes online the problem is fixed, that wouldn’t be too hard now would it?