Wrestle a 3D man on the train with two new modes. Beefy!

THQ has eagerly informed the world with WWE All Stars, their arcade styled wrestling game to yet another platform this year. If you managed to miss paying full price for this ’man fights man’ simulator on the PS2, PSP, PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 earlier in the year, then don’t fret! It’ll be landing on the 3DS on the 24th of November at our lovely local prices.

To entice you into buying this new portable version, THQ San Diego has managed to squeeze in a few new single player modes, which plays well into any portable release. First up is “Gauntlet” mode, where you fight your way through the entire roster of the game successively, something which might take a little longer than your morning commute. It seems like your health probably won’t regenerate between matches and you’ll have to pull off your fancier moves to regenerate it. The second mode appears to be your pretty standard score attack fare, appropriately dubbed “Score Scramble”.

The release confirms the 3DS version will contain all the downloadable characters from the HD versions of the game, so there’s a bonus. It doesn’t look like it will have any multiplayer though.