Free Zelda, Classic Mario and a new WiiWare title from Nnooo, its all go this week

It’s all coming together, Nintendo have compiled a stellar downloadable lineup this week with not only a classic Nintendo title, but a reborn Zelda title (that’s free) and Nnooo’s next big WiiWare title.

The Zelda title is of course the celebratory Zelda: Four Swords. This multiplayer focused Zelda has been reborn on DSiWare and now also features single player support and two new areas. There are also new retro themed stages that take on the appearance of Link’s Awakening, Link to the Past and even the original Zelda. The game is free until February 20th and is downloadable on the 3DS and the DSi.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins is the second portable outing for Mario and the game which gave Wario his debut. Super Mario Land 2 will sell for a mere $6.50, very good price for one of the best Mario games out there.

Wii owners aren’t left in the lurch either with Aussie developers Nnooo’s latest game launching too. escapeVektor looks retro but the enemy you’re facing is none of than your own Wii’s CPU. You’ll have to fight and escape your way out of there. It’s a grid based game that sees you fighting various enemies who try and catch you different ways

Who’s excited for this week then!? Zelda is out this Wednesday and the others are out the usual Thursday night.