I have posted the code here: volderbeek.freeforums.org ***Please post any questions you have there on the forum rather than here on YouTube if the below links don’t help, I rarely check my inbox.*** A demonstration of what you can do with dexter0’s “Always Have Item” cheat and button activators in Mario Kart Wii. For those that are new to wii hacking, some links to get you started: -Twilight Hack- (No longer used, use Bannerbomb instead.) -Bannerbomb- wiibrew.org -Homebrew Channel- wiibrew.org -Ocarina (now part of Gecko OS)- wiibrew.org -Mario Kart Wii codes- www.usbgecko.com -more Mario Kart Wii codes- wiird.l0nk.org -even more Mario Kart Wii codes- volderbeek.freeforums.org button mappings used in this video: D-pad Up-Right: Triple Red Shells D-pad Right: Mega Mushroom D-pad Down-Right: Triple Bananas D-pad Down: Bullet Bill D-pad Down-Left: Lightning D-pad Left: Star Power D-pad Up-Left: Blue Shell also not shown in the video… Y: Gold Mushroom

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 Mario Kart Wii Item Wheel Hack